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While increasing our revenues significantly, Advergic has taken care of our monetization processes in totality. We can now entirely focus on content with having complete peace of mind in how our high-value ad campaigns are run, implemented and maintained.

Bilal Jamil

CEO, Startup Pakistan

Advergic has been killing it with boosting our revenues big time! And on top of that, they've taken care of all the monetization stuff for us so we can just chill and focus on creating awesome content. No more worrying about how our fancy ad campaigns are running, it's all taken care of.

Hasan Shabbir

Founder HSK Digital

Here’s How we Will Grow Your Ad Revenues!

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As a publisher, you’ll have exclusive access to the world’s top ad-networks and cutting-edge features to maximize your earning potential like never before.

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We will arrange your access to high-paying ad networks including:

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Header Bidding

Instead of displaying ads from just one network, such as Google Adsense, we conduct real-time bidding among multiple ad-networks to ensure the highest paying ad is displayed on your website at all times.

Lazy Load

Intelligently loads ads just before they become visible to the user, resulting in increased ad viewability and higher CPMs.

Smart Refreshes

We notice users who spend a lot of time on your website, with certain ads in their view, our tech will smartly refresh ads to increase your ad impressions by at least 25% and hence the revenue

Dynamic Flooring

Our tech monitors your CPMs to adjust bidding floors for your inventory to maximize your CPMs

Video Inventory

Observe a significant increase in revenue by using video ads as these ads have high fill rates and CPMs, and have the potential to increase revenue by 25-60%.

Optimized Ad Placements

Unlock the secret to skyrocketing revenue with our ad expertise! Our proven track record and in-depth website audit will uncover the most profitable ad sizes and placements for your website. Get ready to see your earnings soar!

Accept Pragmatic Deals

ad-agencies continue to increase their spend on pragmatic deals, our platform allows you to directly access these lucrative opportunities and drive revenue growth for your business.

AD Operations Management

We can take care of your entire ad-ops, regardless of how big or complex your current setup is, we offer 360 degree solution to keep you out of petty things

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Custom Header Bidding

Product & Services

We’re a full-service ad operations management company. We help publishers like you stay competitive by smartly serving all your ad-ops management needs that include:

Header Bidding Wrapper

Our advanced header bidding solution allows publishers to seamlessly monetize 100% of their site’s inventory. With our versatile features, you can get the most out of every single ad slot on your web page.

Site Audit

Get a complete audit of your website done by our Ad Optimization Experts. We analyze all ads on your web page, gauge their performance, and provide you with an extensive report on your existing setup.

Ad Ops & Consultation

We offer a full-scale AdOps management solution that includes trafficking of your ads, optimization of your campaigns, media planning, and in-depth reporting to help you maximize your ad revenues and minimize hassle and overheads.

Professional ad operations management consultancy will help you learn the skill, provide you with recommendations to bring instant and lasting efficiency to your processes, and resolve any of the AdOps-related issues.

Branded Video Player

Video advertising matters and Advergic’s one-liner JS script connects your video inventory to a robust video ad server, allowing you to serve video ads with any tag (VPAID, VAST, IMA, etc.) in any format, on any platform. It enables you to run all of your Direct or Programmatic Video campaigns without worrying about the complicated setup and the huge server costs.